The winters in the past were colder than at present as Scotland was experiencing the little ice age; a period of unusually cold climate which lasted from about 1300-1850 AD. Curling was a popular winter sport whenever the local ponds had developed a sufficient thickness of ice. Curling ponds can sometimes be found marked on old, large scale, Ordnance Survey maps of the trail area.


Editors note: IN the Blairgowrie entry in the Statistical Account of 1791/1799, the Rev Mr James Johnston ended his description of the ‘Lakes of the Parish’ with these words: “Curling is an exercise at which the inhabitants of the district excel.” So popular was the game in the area that when the railway line was constricted between Coupar Angus and Blairgowrie, a special Hat was constricted at the side of Stormont Loch, complete with platform, for use by curlers.