As you cross the River Ardle by Enochdhu, the hillside immediately to your west is known to local folk as Cnoc Donald Mor, and one of the streams as Donald McCoull’s Burn. Tradition has it that ‘Big Donald’ was a notorious sheep rustler in the glen c.1700, though no-one was able to track him down. His underground hide-out was eventually given away when smoke was seen issuing from a hole in the ground, where his daughters were found to be roasting one of the stolen sheep. As recorded in the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, there was no escape for Donald “…as the circle of his foes closed closer and closer around him, till he hanged himself with a rope he had used so long for tying his stolen sheep. This he did on top of Cnoc Donald Mor”. It is said that Donald’s ghost continues to haunt that part of the glen.