Excerpt from ‘The Harp of Perthshire’

“A writer of pungent and eloquent prose as well as of
thoughtful and animated verse, James Young Geddes,
born in Dundee in 1850, has resided in Alyth for upwards
of twelve years, and serves the community in the
capacity of a junior Commissioner. Mr. Geddes early
discovered a faculty for verse-writing, and while yet in
his teens was a frequent and welcome contributor to the
poet’s corner of the local journals. In course of
time, yielding to the pressure of many friends and
admirers, he collected the scattered creatures of his
imagination within the boards of a book, which was
published in 1879 under the title of “The New Jerusalem,
and other Verses.” The work was well received,
not only by our author’s friends, but by the Scottish
press and the public at large, and the happy result was
that it soon ran out of print. This was just as it ought
to have been, for the work is truly meritorious. At no
page or point in the volume does the reader find himself
in shallow water, but is borne along on a broad and
ample current of ready thought and sparkling fancy. Of
the varied contents, “The New Inferno” is a thoughtful
and able poem; so is also “The New Advent,” while
the sonnets on Carlyle, Emerson, and Tennyson, display
artistic taste and poetical susceptibility of a decidedly
exceptional character. Mr. Geddes next issued “The
Spectre Clock of Alyth, and other Selections;” and
recently, “In the Valhalla and other Poems” appeared.”