The Serpent Stane is a very large boulder, which sits on the north side of Loch Beanie (map reference 1629 6889). There are two ways to get to see it, one is from the Christian Compass Centre just off the A93 and the other is by the non classified road from Forter to Auchavan and take the Glen Beanie track by Dalvanie Farm. Both routes are fairly easy.

The story behind this stane is that there is a curious twisting hole in it along with a couple of deep slashes, which were reputedly made by the local Laird, who blamed a witch for the death of his infant son. He came upon the witch one day and he drew his sword to kill her but was too slow and she changed into a viper and slid into the hole. In his frustration, the Laird struck the stane with his sword. It is said that the witch made a remark from inside the stane – “Laird! As long as you look at your empty cradle and I at my stone, we may meet and crack, but we can never be friends.”