Saint Moluag (c. 510–592; also known as Lua, Luan, Luanus, Lugaidh, Moloag, Molluog, Molua, Murlach, Malew) was a Scottish missionary, and a contemporary of Saint Columba, who evangelized the Picts of Scotland in the sixth century.

Saint Moluag was the patron saint of Argyll as evidenced by a charter in 1544, from the Earl of Argyll, which states “in honour of God Omnipotent, the blessed Virgin, and Saint Moloc, our patron”. The House of Lorne became the kings of Dalriada and eventually united with the Picts to become the kings of Scots. Moluag was patron saint of the kings of Dalriada and the apostle of the Picts, so is highly likely to have been the first patron saint of Scotland.

He was the founder of over a hundred monasteries and was a bishop active during the period of the First Order of Celtic Saints and known as ‘The Clear and Brilliant, The Sun of Lismore in Alba’.

In Alyth, the ruins of a church, known today as “The Alyth Arches” were built on the site of an older sixth-century church dedicated to the saint.