I’d like to propose the Vanora Stone.

This majestic cross-slab dominates the collection at the Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum.  It stands 2.5m high and probably stood beside the entrance to the churchyard. The stone features a wheel-headed cross with raised bosses, resembling the rivet heads of metalwork, and interlaced images of beasts on the shaft. The reverse, some say, features Daniel in the lions’ den, at the centre of other scenes depicting hunting.

There is a local tradition however, that this stone marked the grave of Vanora, still identifiable in Meigle Churchyard where there is a plaque called Vanora’s Mound. She is better known as Queen Guinevere, wife of King Arthur, who was abducted by King Mordred and held captive on Barry Hill, next to Alyth. When she returned to her husband, he sentenced her to death by being torn apart by wild beasts, allegedly for her adultery with Mordred. It is this grisly scene that is said to be portrayed on the stone.

To have such a link to one of the great European literary and mystical themes of all time – the story of Arthur and Guinevere so close to the Cateran Trail and for that story to be illustrated by such astonishing carving puts this object right at the top of the list for me!

Clare Cooper, Alyth