On this page you will find the long list of suggestions that were proposed for inclusion in the final 100 Objects. They were collected via a public campaign between November 2016 and April 2017.

In April of 2017, a community panel, chaired by Bob Ellis, one of the founders of the Cateran Trail, made a decision about what the final 100 objects would be, based on the list that had been proposed up until then.

You can view the final 100 Objects list here.

During 2017, an Exhibition about the 100 Objects will be launched in Alyth Museum accompanied by a booklet about the project. There are also walks and talks that relate to the Cateran Trail area that are being run throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn of 2017 which you can find out about here.  We are also producing some special learning resources for local primary schools about the project and have a host of other plans as to what we can do with this amazing resource which we will be trying to raise money for.

Whilst we have now closed that public campaign and chosen the 100 Objects, we’re keeping the list open. We’d like to encourage folk to continue to share their ideas of people, places and landscapes around the Trail as well as particular objects associated with them that they value and would like to record as part of this longer list. We’re keen to keep as close to the Cateran Trail itself so keep that in mind.

So with this in mind, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page to load up an image of your suggested object and a few words about it. NB: Your image needs to be a PNG, GIF or JPEG and no bigger than 1MB. Landscape images work the best.

Give us a short description and explain why your suggestion is important and of value to you. Where is it located? Is it on or very close to the Cateran Trail itself, or is it an object in Perth or Alyth museum or maybe even in you own home?

Then tell us which of the themes your suggestion is most relevant to. A description of the themes can be found here and for inspiration explore the list of objects people are beginning to propose below.

Thanks to everyone who suggested ideas up until April 2017 and to anyone else who continues to build the list from here on in! 


Suggested Objects

Object NameThemeDate Submitted
Buzzart DykesLandscapes2017-05-17View Info
Glouer-O’er-Him WoodPlaces2017-04-11View Info
BrewlandsPlaces2017-04-11View Info
MCCOMIE’S CHAIR AND WELLPlaces2017-04-11View Info
FINEGANDPlaces2017-04-11View Info
Ben Gulabin, GlensheePlaces2017-04-11View Info
JutePlaces2017-04-11View Info
FlaxLandscapes2017-04-11View Info
Glenshee ChurchPlaces2017-04-10View Info
Kirkton of Glen IslaPlaces2017-04-10View Info
Reekie Linn WaterfallPlaces2017-04-10View Info
Barry Hill FortPlaces2017-04-10View Info
GorseLandscapes2017-04-10View Info
Pitcarmick type Round HousesPlaces2017-04-10View Info
Chalmers of Morganstoune and the CateransPeople2017-04-10View Info
Dalnagar CastlePlaces2017-04-10View Info
Kirkmichael Plague VictimsPeople2017-04-10View Info
Napoleonic Bell, Alyth Town HallPlaces2017-04-09View Info
The Alyth VoicePeople2017-04-09View Info
The Berryfields O' BlairPeople2017-04-09View Info
Migrant WorkersPeople2017-04-09View Info
Golf CourseLandscapes2017-04-09View Info
Reekie Linn Scottish Country Dance TunePlaces2017-04-09View Info
Alyth Family History ProjectPeople2017-04-09View Info
River Jelly Lichen, River IslaLandscapes2017-04-09View Info
Bitter VetchLandscapes2017-04-09View Info
Lady Well, Chapel Hillock, Auchintaple LochPlaces2017-04-08View Info
Clach a' Mhoid or 'Stone of Justice'Places2017-04-08View Info
Mrs Macdonald of St MartinsPeople2017-04-08View Info
Plough HorseLandscapes2017-04-08View Info
PheasantLandscapes2017-04-08View Info
Red GrouseLandscapes2017-04-08View Info
ButterburLandscapes2017-04-08View Info
Pitcarmick-type Long Houses, GlensheePeople2017-04-08View Info
Blackcraig CastlePlaces2017-04-08View Info
Glasclune CastlePlaces2017-04-08View Info
IAN KIRKWOODPeople2017-04-03View Info
Easter Bleaton FermtounPlaces2017-03-29View Info
The Lair Spindle-whorlPeople2017-03-29View Info
PotatoesLandscapes2017-03-25View Info
Blairgowrie berries and Cherries TartanLandscapes2017-03-25View Info
The Flemish of Glenshee,People2017-03-19View Info
Coupar AbbeyPlaces2017-03-19View Info
Sir Walter ScottPeople2017-03-19View Info
BlairgowriePlaces2017-03-19View Info
The GaelsPeople2017-03-19View Info
Bridge of CallyPlaces2017-03-19View Info
Red SquirrelsLandscapes2017-03-19View Info
Standing StonesLandscapes2017-03-15View Info
James Y. Geddes, poetPeople2017-03-10View Info
The Valley of Strathmore by Andy M. StewartPlaces2017-03-10View Info
Hamish's LegacyLandscapes2017-03-10View Info
AlythPlaces2017-03-05View Info
River IslaPlaces2017-03-05View Info
River ErichtPlaces2017-03-05View Info
Highland CattleLandscapes2017-03-04View Info
The CateransPeople2017-03-04View Info
The Grave of ArdlePlaces2017-03-04View Info
Rev. Alexander DuffPeople2017-03-04View Info
The Polish ArmyPeople2017-03-04View Info
The Green Lady of Newton CastlePeople2017-03-04View Info
Major William CaulfeildPeople2017-03-04View Info
VanoraPlaces2017-03-03View Info
Dalradian Schist2017-03-03View Info
Mount BlairLandscapes2017-02-27View Info
ShielingsLandscapes2017-02-27View Info
The Bannerfield, KirkmichaelPlaces2017-02-23View Info
Shooting LodgesPlaces2017-02-23View Info
Woodhill House, StrathardlePlaces2017-02-23View Info
The Number 57 and 71 bus services - Linking communitiesPlaces2017-02-22View Info
Stone circle -Mains of CreuchiesPlaces2017-02-20View Info
WhiskyPlaces2017-02-20View Info
Pitcarmick HousesPlaces2017-02-20View Info
LichensLandscapes2017-02-20View Info
James Croll : 1821-1890People2017-02-14View Info
Scottish Blackface SheepLandscapes2017-02-14View Info
WolvesPlaces2017-02-14View Info
Donald McCoull - Sheep RustlerPeople2017-02-14View Info
Serpent Stane, Loch BeaniePlaces2017-02-13View Info
Cateran CafePlaces2017-02-13View Info
Memorial to Jubra the DogPlaces2017-02-13View Info
Kirkmichael Village ShopPlaces2017-02-13View Info
Alyth BurnLandscapes2017-02-13View Info
Jim Ritchie - The Fiddler of GlensheePeople2017-02-11View Info
Alexander DuffPeople2017-02-11View Info
Sheila StewartPeople2017-02-11View Info
John Swinney MSPPeople2017-02-10View Info
Dirnanean GardenLandscapes2017-02-09View Info
Belle Stewart - SingerPeople2017-02-04View Info
William Pyott - PoetPeople2017-02-04View Info
Fionn mac Cumhuill and the Fianna in GlensheePeople2017-02-04View Info
Den O AlythPlaces2017-02-04View Info
Corston Fragment, Strathmore MeteoriteLandscapes2017-02-04View Info
Blairgowrie Drunks CartPeople2017-02-04View Info
Amber finger ring, Shanzie SouterrainPlaces2017-02-04View Info
The Laing Photographic CollectionPlaces2017-02-04View Info
The Silver Ball of RattrayPlaces2017-02-04View Info
George Murray - ArtistPeople2017-02-03View Info
Robert Herdman - ArtistPeople2017-02-03View Info
Ewan Geddes - ArtistPeople2017-02-03View Info
William Geddes - ArtistPeople2017-02-03View Info
David Farquharson - ArtistPeople2017-02-03View Info
Cargill's LeapPlaces2017-02-03View Info
St MoluagPeople2017-02-03View Info
St NinianPeople2017-02-03View Info
Drove RoadsLandscapes2017-02-01View Info
Fermtouns (Abandoned Settlements)Places2017-02-01View Info
Clan MacThomasPeople2017-02-01View Info
Glen Beag - Echoes of the Ice AgeLandscapes2017-01-29View Info
Glenshee BridgePlaces2017-01-29View Info
Drystane DykesLandscapes2017-01-29View Info
FishingLandscapes2017-01-29View Info
Glenshee LodgePlaces2017-01-29View Info
HeatherLandscapes2017-01-27View Info
SphagnumLandscapes2017-01-27View Info
Burnt MoundPlaces2017-01-27View Info
Scots PineLandscapes2017-01-27View Info
Lime KilnPlaces2017-01-27View Info
Quern StonesPeople2017-01-27View Info
Dress ButtonPeople2017-01-27View Info
The FoxLandscapes2017-01-27View Info
RowanLandscapes2017-01-27View Info
Birch TreesLandscapes2017-01-27View Info
Red DeerLandscapes2017-01-27View Info
Iron Railings : BlairgowrieLandscapes2017-01-25View Info
GARRY DRUMSLandscapes2017-01-21View Info
BRIDGE OF CALLYPlaces2017-01-21View Info
Monks CallyPlaces2017-01-21View Info
Queen Victoria (Plaque)People2017-01-21View Info
THE BRAES O’ MOUNT BLAIRPlaces2017-01-19View Info
THE LASS O' GLENSHEEPeople2017-01-19View Info
Wild RaspberryLandscapes2017-01-12View Info
Curling StonePeople2017-01-02View Info
TormentilLandscapes2017-01-02View Info
BlaeberriesLandscapes2017-01-02View Info
Trail MarkersPlaces2016-12-27View Info
Pine MartenLandscapes2016-12-27View Info
The Upper Lunch HutPlaces2016-12-27View Info
Bamff Beaver ProjectPlaces2016-12-23View Info
BuzzardsLandscapes2016-12-23View Info
Oakbank Mill, BlairgowriePlaces2016-12-19View Info
Professor John MackenziePeople2016-12-19View Info
The Rocking Stone near the Hill of PersieLandscapes2016-12-19View Info
Forter CastlePlaces2016-12-19View Info
A Loki stone in the Meigle museumPeople2016-12-19View Info
Pictish WarriorPeople2016-12-13View Info
Ice Wool in Alyth DenLandscapes2016-12-03View Info
Auchintaple LochPlaces2016-12-01View Info
Mystery Carving on Alyth HillPlaces2016-12-01View Info
Jane Spindler's name platePeople2016-11-29View Info
Tattie CreelPlaces2016-11-28View Info
Alyth ArchesPlaces2016-11-26View Info
Drumderg Wind FarmLandscapes2016-11-23View Info
The Vanora StonePeople2016-11-18View Info
The Highland Boundary FaultLandscapes2016-11-18View Info
James SandyPeople2016-11-18View Info
Diarmuid's GravePlaces2016-11-18View Info